Monday, May 29, 2017

Newsletter 1

First Practice:
Tuesday (tomorrow) is the first practice of the 2017 Summer season.
Younger kids are inside (10&Under) from 8:15-9:00am
Older kids are outside (11&Over) from 9:00-10:00am

Entering the pool:
8:15am Practice: enter through the indoor pool entrance
9:00am Practice: enter through the outdoor pool entrance
·       Coaches will still be inside coaching so be sure to get your gear from the indoor and sit on the deck for the coaches unless guard instructs you to pull a rope.

Check in:
There will be a check in book at both the outdoor office as well as the indoor pool “swim team table”; be sure to check in each practice.

Swimmers can shower in either pool locker room.

If you’re dropping off swimmers and they have to wait during their sibling/car pool friend’s practices please be sure to inform them that they must wait in the balcony of the indoor pool or outside the fence of the outdoor pool. There will be no running around on the outdoor pool deck.

Meet registration:
If you would like to attend a meet; remember one meet a season is required; you simply need to fill out the hyperlinked registration forms below.
Our first meet is in Newton on June 13; the due date for the registration form is Wednesday, June 7.

Conference Meet:
There is no requirements to qualify for the conference meet, simply being a part of the team is the only requirement.

Coaches for the summer:
Head Coach: Samantha Hedrick
Regular Assistant Coaches: Lauren Clingman, Lindsey Blommers, Ashley Blommers, Caleb Gaylor

Upcoming Events:
May 30: First day of practice
              8:15-9:00am (inside): 10&Under
9:00-10:00am (outside): 11&Over
June 7: DUE DATE: Newton Permission Form
June 13: Newton Meet
June 14: DUE DATE: Grinnell Permission Form
June 20: Grinnell Meet
June 21: DUE DATE: Newton Permission Form
June 27: Newton Meet
July 5: DUE DATE: Waukee Permission Form
July 11: Waukee Meet
July 12: DUE DATE:
July 18: Knoxville Meet
July 22: Conference Meet @ Marshalltown

Thanks & Have a great first week!
Swim Team Staff